WHISTLER is always up for an adventure. That’s just part of the DNA of our town.

Want to go ziptrekking, flying through the forests and mountains? How about a canoe trip down the River of Golden Dreams? It’s as amazingly blissful as its name suggests. Or, what about a dip in one of the five valley lakes? Or a hike in the peaks? Or an ATV ride into the backcountry?

And you thought you had to be a mountain biker to have fun in the summer sun in Whistler.

While there’s no doubt that people come here to check out the best bike park in North America, not to mention the legendary cross country trails in the valley, they end up staying for everything else that makes Whistler come alive in the summer.

Whistler will always be a ski town at heart but what many people don’t know is that this is a place that truly shines in the summer too — literally and figuratively.

There are glittering and pristine alpine lakes for fishing and swimming and paddleboarding; snow-capped peaks for alpine hiking and climbing; forests of fresh air for exploring. Our insider Allan Crawford tells his story of starting a winter snowmobiling business, Canadian Wilderness Adventures, back in 1994 and growing it into an all-season set up of fun and adventure.

This is a place that challenges people to push their boundaries, do something new, and feel alive in the mountains.

That’s all part of the Whistler adventure.

Here’s the beauty of being active in Whistler: Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a superstar athlete to take part and you don’t have to have an Olympic track record. There are trails and activities for every level. Start with a green lap in the park and go from there. The guided tours, from ATVing to water activities, cater to everyone — kids, seniors, and adults who are way out of their comfort zone and in need of a helping hand. Of course, you know what that means? There is no excuse not to try it.

That’s part of Whistler’s charm. It’s a place that lifts you out of the ordinary and into new adventures.


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