HERE'S ANOTHER little insider tip about Whistler. You may feel as though everyone here is a superstar athlete, their spandexed legs spinning on their road bikes or their intimidating full-face helmets covered in dust at the base of the mountains.

Is there any activity people in Whistler can’t do?

This, however, is the secret behind the scene. While there are some people here who do things well — really well, super-star level well — the rest of us are just happy to get out there and try.

That’s all. That’s the big secret that makes Whistler tick.

It’s just about getting on the bike, picking up the paddle, jumping in the lake, climbing the mountain.

There is an endless choice when it comes to finding things to do: hiking, biking, the bike park, fishing, swimming, yoga, paddleboarding, walking, boating, ziptreking, golfing, sight-seeing, ATVing, bungee jumping, bear viewing. Well, you get the point.

There’s always something new too. Check out the new zip line from Ziptrek Ecotours — two kilometres long, the longest line in North America, set to open this summer.

The activities, for the most part, are designed for every level. A mom who has never ridden a downhill bike can get in the bike park and cruise down Easy Does It. A grandfather and a grandson can hike in the mountains together, checking out the alpine lakes and wildflowers. Everyone in the family can ride an ATV.

The beauty of many of these Whistler activities is that they take you to postcard-perfect places with ease. ATV tours can get you into the backcountry in the blink of an eye, and make the journey lots of fun too. The gondola can sweep you to the top in minutes. And paddleboarding on a Whistler lake with the snow-capped mountains as your background just makes the experience that much better.

To be fair and completely transparent, however, there’s no real getting around the fact that if you’re going to bungee jump, you still have to throw yourself off a bridge over the Cheakamus River. It’s a 53-metre drop. You’ll need a sense of adventure... and some nerves of steel.


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