Art Scene


These  are exciting times for artists of all kinds in Whistler with a renewed focus on growing arts and culture. Construction has begun on a $30 million world-class art museum right in the heart of the village that will hold some of B.C.’s most prized collections.

Called the Audain Art Museum, the facility will be home to Vancouver art collector Michael Audain’s private treasures. His collection includes works by Emily Carr, Bill Reid and E.J. Hughes as well as an extensive collection of First Nations’ masks. It will be a highlight of any future Whistler visit.

But don’t fret — you don’t have to wait ’til the museum’s completion in mid-2015 to enjoy art in Whistler.

Just along from the site of the Audain Art Museum another arts centre has become a cultural mecca of sorts in Whistler — the Squamish and Lil’wat Cultural Centre. It’s not to be missed. A beautiful facility tucked on the edge of a forest, the centre is a serene place where you can explore the deep and powerful history of Whistler’s neighbouring First Nations. Whistler’s recent history, however, is also a tale of a rich and vivid art scene that has been flourishing in town for decades.

The mountains and surrounding nature almost calling to artists of all kinds, from potters to painters. Come here, be inspired, let the creative juices flow.

There are galleries and studios all over town featuring a variety of work, offering something for every taste. For a list check out the Whistler Arts Council website —

And for up-to-date information on upcoming shows pick up Pique Newsmagazine.

Village Art
There’s a reason why so many artists call Whistler home. Simply — it’s easy to be inspired here. You just let nature take its course and soon you’ll find paintbrush flying over canvas, music flowing from guitar, pen scrawling across page, and those with a flare for the dramatic tempted onto stage. Take a look around at what comes from Whistler — the public art pieces dotted around the village and valley, the work on display in the galleries, and the line up of events and programs at all designed to showcase this growing hub of arts and culture. .

Artists In Our Midst

Stephen Vogler 
Not many can claim to be a true long-time local in Whistler but Stephen Vogler can. His home here has become his muse of sorts, a place where he has been able to nurture his writing and poetry performances. He also wants to foster the creative juices in others as founder of The Point Artist-Run Centre, an artist-run haven dedicated to incubating artistic excellence in Whistler through arts education and collaborative projects, among other things.

Bea Gonzalez
You can find Bea Gonzalez’s work hanging around town where she has been painting for more than a decade. Born in Spain, growing up in Toronto, Gonzalez’s story is like many others; she came to Whistler for an afternoon drive, and was hooked. She has raised her family here and honed her art by taking workshops and classes all with an aim to improve her talent. Gonzalez is also a volunteer organizer of the Whistler Workshops on the Lake for the Whistler Arts Council.