Beauty Fitness & Spas

WHISTLER is a town of living large, in all aspects of life — big mountains, big risks, big dreams… and recurring injuries.

And so, there’s no better place to get better, restore your body and your mind.

Take your pick.

There are spas, and salons and studios with a goal to get you feeling and looking great.

Check out something you’ve never done before such as reflexology or a traditional Thai massage.

Visit one of our top physiotherapists if you have any concerns about movement and muscles.

What about a spin class, a yoga class, a pilates class, or a climbing class?

It’s all here right on your doorstep.

And while the mountains may be the playgrounds of the extreme, don’t forget that there are people of every age and level out there making the most of it. The same is true everywhere in Whistler.

You don’t have to be super fit to take a spin class here or be able to turn your body inside out at a yoga class. The trick is to show up.

We have 90-year-olds that ski 100 days here. We have six-year-olds that can ski faster than their parents. We have people that take up snowboarding and skiing in their 40s, hankering after a new challenge and adventure. Enough said!

So, find the time to take care of yourself here. There’s every chance you’ll leave Whistler happier, healthier, and more relaxed.