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BeautyFitnessSpas Being in Whistler is restorative in itself. But even majestic views need a little help to truly work their magic so that when you leave Whistler you feel whole again — replete, restored, rested, rejuvenated.

While it may be easy to find this inner and outer peace by taking in a killer sunset view over the mountain top or hiking in the forest, there are other ways to do it too.

Help abounds. In many forms.

Take Beauty. You can be lasered, waxed, dyed, cut, trimmed, blow-dried, painted and polished and go back from whence you came totally transformed into a more polished version of yourself.

Take Fitness. If you’re working on that outer skin, it seems only reasonable that you give some thought to the inner skin too. And in this realm, Whistler excels, in every way. There’s a full gamut of options to choose from to whip that body into shape.

Run on the paved valley trail or go off-road to the hiking trails. Bike to your heart’s content by road or by trail. Swim the local lakes or hit the Meadow Park Sports Centre. Climb a rock or hit the indoor facility at The Core. Hike. Stroll. Find a yoga class. Rent a canoe. Well, you get the point.

And let’s not forget… the soul. It does the body, and the spirit, good to visit the spa. So why not indulge? Get rubbed and scrubbed and polished and buffed and, most of all, relaxed.

If you’re not going to enjoy getting pampered in Whistler, the ultimate place to indulge, then where else?


Pamper yourself from head to toe

From your head and shoulders to your knees and toes, and any other part of your body needing attention, this is where your aches, your pains and your whims can be satisfied. Here’s the head-to-toe rundown on what’s at your fingertips in Whistler. Let’s start at the top and work our way down.

 HEAD:  There are some award-winning hairstylists hiding in these mountains. You can trust them to work their transformative magic with scissors, colour and a blow dryer. If you’re looking for some inner headwork, a chance to clear the mind, there’s a choice of yoga classes for any level — from the uninitiated, unsure beginner to the top yogi gurus.

SHOULDERS:  As you begin to forget about the stress of everyday life, and the shoulders begin to loosen up, it soon becomes abundantly clear that they need some tender, loving care. You’ve come to the right place. Whistler is a shoulder Shangri-la. Shoulders here can find sweet relief in a light aromatherapy massage or get warmed from the inside out in a hot stone treatment. Give your shoulders some love. If not for any other reason that they’re holding up your head and they deserve some attention too.

 KNEES:  There are only so many moguls and deep powder days that the knees can withstand before they start to let you know that, though they may not be pretty, they have feelings too. If you have a knee query, it can be answered in Whistler where our physiotherapists have probably seen more knee issues per capita that any others the world over.  

TOES:  Crammed as they typically are into ski boots for half the year, Whistler’s toes can be a tad tired, to put it mildly, particularly in the deep winter. The estheticians here have seen it all. So breathe some life into those digits! Trim the nails, buff the soles and paint them red or purple or silver. It’s been said, but not proven, that fire engine red nails can make you ski a little faster. Prove the theory! Put your feet in the hands of trusted experts at Whistler’s spas. And, while you’re at it, why not get some flashy fingernails too? You’re in Whistler. Time to live on the edge.

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If you look hard enough, there’s a spa in Whistler that offers just about any treatment you desire. Here are five to consider.


Also known as acupressure, Shiatsu therapists employ pressure with thumbs, fingers, and palms along the meridians to unblock energy and facilitate the optimal flow of ki, the body’s life force. Benefits include detoxification, stress reduction and increased mental/spiritual awareness.


Traditional Thai massage incorporates stretching, yoga positions and occasionally, acupressure. Practitioners use hands, locked arms – and sometimes feet – to apply firm pressure along the Sen lines, stretching the entire body. Benefits include relaxation, flexibility and enhanced energy.


Often used in conjunction with massage, aromatherapy uses essential oils to affect your mood and/or health. Different oils produce different benefits ranging from enhanced digestion, headache reduction, increased circulation, relaxation and eased respiration.

Hot Stone

Heated stones are used both to massage and to relax muscles, allowing the therapist to work deeper into the muscle. Variations heat stones in hot water and coat them in oil, arranging them along both sides of the spine.


Reflexologists stimulate pressure points on the feet with their fingers. Practitioners believe internal ailments are associated with nerve endings on the soles of the feet and their manipulation will open flows of energy along the body’s meridians. Benefits include better health, more energy and relaxation.