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WHERE ELSE are your dining options a choice between a dinner at 6,000 feet or an upscale hotel restaurant overlooking a valley lake or an order of poutine from a village window?

Whistler has all that and more.

Whistler has found its own flavour as a foodie haven in the mountains, a flavour perhaps best described as eclectic, fresh, and fun. That’s Whistler to a tee with the fresh mountain air fuelling our appetites.

Find it all in the village. Indian, Mexican, Italian, great steakhouses, and let’s not forget… the sushi. Many of these spots have award-winning chefs in the kitchens, on the cutting edge (pardon the pun) of the latest trends and passions in food. So many spots in Whistler, for example, are delivering farm-fresh food, straight from the ground in Pemberton. This is what people are after.

Here’s a little insider tip: It doesn’t hurt to look beyond the village, too. You never know what you may find. Could it be an old Whistler gondola offering fondue dinners for those up for a little adventure? Could it be a mouth-watering dinner at one of the hottest new bistros in town? Or what about some of the old faithfuls that just never disappoint? There’s a reason they’ve lasted as long as they have while so many others have come and gone over the years.

Here’s another little scoop about dining in Whistler: There are always deals in the off-season. Dare we suggest that’s a great time to come back and visit when the line-ups aren’t as long, the food still as delicious and the value even better?



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