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IT'S A LITTLE KNOWN FACT that food tastes better at higher elevations. And it has fewer calories too. You didn’t know about that? We may not have the scientific proof to back up our claims but that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Upon deeper reflection however, it could very well come down to the way that it’s made in Whistler that makes the food here taste so good — our award-winning chefs pushing their boundaries, testing the limits.

Whatever the reason, Whistler has long been a haven for foodies far and wide, whether they’re here for the fine dining, of which there is plenty to choose from, or quick bites at après. Indeed, at the start of every season we celebrate with a food and wine “feast for the senses” called Cornucopia.

As the name suggests, Cornucopia is an 11-day sumptuous fall festival. It features local and regional restaurants, chefs, producers, wineries, distilleries and so much more. But

Whistler’s food scene is so much more than this one festival; that’s just a taste of what you can expect here throughout the year.

The truth of matter is that Whistler is on the culinary cutting edge. We’re making the most of locally-sourced products: fresh veggies from farms just half an hour away in Pemberton, herbs grown on rooftop gardens, products sourced from the city and not half a world away. And we’re willing to try new things.

So, don’t count calories on vacation. If you’re going to count anything in Whistler it should be the number of centimetres of fresh powder.



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