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Go on … indulge. You’re on holidays. Don’t think twice about chocolate chip banana bread on the chairlift. Don’t worry about a beer at lunch. Who cares how many calories are in a Crystal Hut waffle? The only thing we’re counting in Whistler is the number of centimetres of fresh powder — and the number of days on the mountain.

Forgo the guilt and instead think of all the calories you’re burning at this higher altitude. There’s leeway here for indulgence, in all things.

If you’ve got a hunger craving, there’s every chance it can be satisfied in Whistler. Italian. Japanese. Indian. Thai. Mexican. French. Even Australian. Yes, that’s right, Australian too. The flavours from around the world all call Whistler home. And it may be something about the mountain air, the exercise or your heightened sense of making the most of life, but the food seems to taste better too.

Your options range from grabbing a tasty meat pie to go and eating on the run, to lingering over a sumptuous fine-dining experience with top-of-the-line wine to set your taste buds tingling.

Dine up high on the mountains or down in the valley. More often than not, you’ll find locally sourced products on the menus. Fresh veggies from farms just half an hour away in Pemberton, herbs grown on rooftop gardens, products sourced from the city and not half a world away. You can taste the difference.



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