Welcome to Whistler

WELCOME TO WHISTLER! Have you come to see what makes us the Number 1 ski resort in North America?

It's true! We're not telling tales. The readers of SKI Magazine said so in the 2014 27th annual SKI Magazine Reader's Poll and SKI readers know their stuff. So we'll take that vote of confidence and run with it. And now you're here...

So let us really show you what makes us Number 1.

Because being the best doesn't just mean knee-deep powder to float over. It doesn't just mean endless options of vertical to race down. It's more than just the gladed runs, the alpine bowls, and the state of the art terrain parks. That helps, to be sure. But...

Consider this: The atmosphere; the scenery; the apres scene; the off-hill activities; the dining; the lodging; the service; the stuff for kids to do; the stuff for adults to do; the fun;

the relaxation; the healing power of the mountains.

Whistler is the sum of all these parts and so much more. And the heartbeat keeping it alive, making our blood pump and our spirits soar, is Whistler and Blackcomb - our magic mountains.

So, let's get started. Questions abound, and there's only so much the Internet can tell you before you get here.

Are you going to ski or snowboard? Whistler or Blackcomb? Both in one day? Where are the secret local stashes? Best place to celebrate an unforgettable day on the mountain? Fastest service for a quick bite to eat? Top things to do with young kids after a day at ski school? Best romantic dinner?

This is where we come in. The answers to all those questions, and many more, can be found tucked within the pages of FAQ - the true insiders' guide to Whistler.

Keep it handy in your backpack. Refer to it often. There are tips and fun facts. There are maps to find your way around town. There's a calendar of events and an easy-to-read Frequently Asked Questions section - the part that gives us our name.

FAQ also gives you an insight into the people that make Whistler what it is today. We call them our "Insiders." They are Whistler's heart and soul, the backbone of this town - a mountain patroller, a husband and wife entrepreneurial team, a physiotherapist, a backcountry expert, an event organizer, a waitress turned top director for a budding business in town with an aim of keeping Whistler on the map.

If you want a true local perspective, look no further.

On the surface these locals may not have much in common. But if you read between their lines, in the cadence of the language, you'll find something special linking them all together. It's a love of Whistler, because Whistler made them what they are today.

It's the place they all fell in love with and decided to call home. It's worth finding out why.

So put aside any preconceived notions of what we're all about. This isn't just a playboy town for the rich. You don't have to be an epic big-mountain skier to tackle these hills. You don't have to be young and reckless and biding your time here in Neverland, until you join the real world again.

This is Whistler. To make the most of your time here you must open your mind, to all its possibilities, everything this little place in the Coast Mountains has to offer.

Take a ski lesson. Push your limits. Relive your successes. Restore your body. Breathe in deeply some of our mountain air. Exhale. Unwind. Discover.

You won't really know what Whistler is all about until you truly immerse yourself in it. Whether you're here for a weekend, a reading week, a month sabbatical, a whirlwind stop on a trip around the world, it doesn't matter. Give in to the experience. You never know… it could change your life.

So, make yourselves at home, stay a while, and see why we're number one.

Isn't it nice to know that there's nothing better out there? You've reached the top.