Welcome to Whistler

You made it! You’re finally here! You decided that Whistler is the place for you this summer. You took no notice when the naysayers muttered under the breaths in disbelief, “Whistler? In the summer?” and you forged ahead anyway. Guess what? You’re the perfect sort of person for Whistler — unafraid to try something different, willing to go out on a limb, ready for adventure.

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

To begin, shed those city clothes. Shrug away that stress. Banish those worries. None of that matters here. Are you feeling lighter already? You should be.
You’re 777 metres (2,549 feet) above sea level, two hours from Vancouver in the luscious, verdant Coast Mountains. Your temporary backyard has five sparkling valley lakes, a swirling, whirling network of paved and mountain trails, parks, and backcountry glaciers. And nestled in the heart of it all is the village, often called Whistler’s “jewel.” You’ll soon find out why.

So, why did you come? Are you up for exploring and discovering? Relaxing and reinvigorating body, mind and soul? Pushing yourself to your limits? All of the above? A little taste of everything? It’s all here for your summertime pleasure.

Let’s begin by indulging in a little history… it’ll help you understand why Whistler is what it is and, more importantly, why you chose to come here.

Not many people know this but, Whistler has always been a summertime sanctuary. In 1914, a century ago, the Rainbow Lodge fishing resort was completed on the shores of Alta Lake. It had four rooms! The lodge expanded in short order with the expansion of the railway up from Vancouver and soon it could hold 100 people.

According to our beloved Whistler Museum chronicles, by the late 1920s Whistler was considered the most popular tourist resort west of Banff. And not a ski or snowboard in sight! Whistler was all about the idyllic days of summer — long, hot days of fishing and swimming, hiking and exploring.

That was all to change in the 1960s when the first chairlift was put in at Creekside along with a dream to host the Olympic Games. And that was that. Whistler was on the map. It didn’t take long for it to become the hottest ski resort in North America. It still is.

It would take 50 years, however, until the full dream was realized and in 2010 Whistler was the “Host Mountain Resort” for the Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Games. The legacies from that are dotted all over town, and worth taking the time to explore.

So, safe to say, things have changed a lot around here in the last 100 years. And yet, one thing remains: there is a whole summer sensation of mountain living waiting to be explored, just as the pioneers did at Rainbow Lodge.

This little FAQ guide is going to help you. Refer to it often. Keep it in your backpack. There are tips. There are fun facts. There are maps. There’s a calendar of events. There are some Frequently Asked Questions at the back.

FAQ also gives you an insight into the people who make Whistler what it is today. We call them our “Insiders.” They are the people that make this resort tick — an event producer, a former snowboard pro, a top of the line chef, a yoga teacher, a beer marketer, and a jewelry maker. Locals.

On the surface, they don’t have much in common.

But if you read between their lines, in the cadences of their language, you’ll find something in common. What they’re all saying is: make the most of this place, it may change your life.

There’s nothing better than an insider’s view.

Now, your one-week, or one-month stopover doesn’t to have be a life-changing experience. You may just want to have an awesome vacation — some mind-blowing photos from the top of the mountains, some thrills from a new-found passion, some memories to last a lifetime. We can deliver that… and more.

Don’t just tick Whistler off your bucket list. Rather, linger a while, soak it all in, see for yourselves why we call this place “home.”