Mountain Biking

WE DON'T mean to brag, but of all the things we do well in Whistler in the summer, mountain biking pretty much takes the cake.

So if you’ve come here to see what all the fuss is about, look no further — you have arrived.

How to sum up the Whistler Mountain Bike Park? Simple… it’s epic. You’ll know what we mean that first time you stand in line for the Fitzsimmons Chair, load on your bike and get carried up.

You’re heart will be pumping in excitement, nerves amping up the adrenalin. Take a deep breath… and go for it.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a smorgasbord of choice beyond the bike park.

Long gruelling grunts up the mountain for fast flowy downhills. Easier flowing loops that the whole family can enjoy. In-between options to test your metal.

Here’s a little inside scoop. Do not be intimated by Whistler’s mountain biking scene. Consider this: we want you to fall in love with mountain biking the way we have fallen in love with mountain biking. We want you to experience the thrill and satisfaction of a hard day’s ride, of mastering a steep rock face, of grunting to the top without putting your feet down.

The only thing left to do now is… pedal hard!



Your best bet is one of the excellent, comprehensive trail guides available at any bike shop or bookstore, but just to whet your appetite, here’s a half dozen.



Access from the lake entrance or just off Lot 5. Relatively flat, very wide, scenic and you can jump in the lake when you get hot. Lots of pedestrians so go slow.


2) ZAPPA TRAILS (Intermediate)

On the rising west side of Lost Lake are more challenging singletrack trails bearing the names of some of Frank Zappa’s best music. A step up but largely non-technical.



Whistler’s signature trail. This zero elevation gain trail is suitable for all levels, but better riders can test their skills on the teeter-totters, log obstacles and one hairy river crossing.


4) KILL ME, THRILL ME (Advanced)

One of Whistler’s best. Tight switchbacks, great sun/shade transitions, fast descents and a number of very slick granite drops to test your nerve. A local’s fave for an after-work ride.


5) CUT YER BARS (Intermediate)

Suitable for skilled and novice riders, this trail and the myriad of trails stuffed into the area have great descents — without gruelling climbs — and challenging singletrack. Go around what you don’t like.



Long, epic and gruelling. With steep climbs, rock faces, bridges and relentless pitch for 26km. You either can do it or it’s what you’re trying to get good enough to do.