On the Mountains

EVERY ONE OF THEM has a name — Rainbow, Sproatt, Wedge, Mount Currie. It’s like they’re part of the family. That’s how special they are to us.

The most famous of all however are Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountains. Standing at the base, looking up, Whistler sits to the right, Blackcomb on the left. The pair cradles Whistler Village in their protective arms, a sure and steady force of nature, reminding us of why we’re here.

We think of them as our own private playground and we want everyone to enjoy the fun. Take it from us, you don’t have to be able to shred down (A-Line) to experience all Whistler Blackcomb has to offer.

Here’s the beauty about these mountains. They’re changing all the time. A trip to the peak in May isn’t the same as a trip to the peak in August.

Take a sunny day early in the summer. Down in the valley, it’s hot and the air is heavy. Up high however, memories of winter linger on in the form of giant snow walls. It’s just a short walk from the gondola via Pika’s Traverse to walk through them, rising up on you like your own icy castle.

Flash forward a few months to the height of summer. In July and August beautiful wildflowers bloom in the alpine, transforming the glacier lake blue hues, black rock and snowy peaks with splashes of bright colour — the deep purple Fireweed and the pop of crimson from Indian paintbrush. There’s Pink Mountain Heather and Alpine Speedwell and Alpine Aster and Mountain Monkeyflower. It’s a dizzying display of unique mountain beauty that lasts just three to four weeks. If you thought the snow walls were worth the gondola ride in May/June, the wildflowers show off the swell of late summer in all its glory.

Now picture all this while hanging out in the longest and highest lift in the world — the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola. It spans 4.4 km connecting Whistler and Blackcomb over the Fitzsimmons Creek. It takes 11 minutes to ride across and the views are spectacular. Here’s a tip: take one of the two glass bottom gondolas to really understand just how high you are above the forest floor. That’s what the mountains are like from the top. The view is a little different from the base where you’ll find the Family Adventure Zone on Blackcomb. Endless fun in the form of go carts, a bungy trampoline, a human gyroscope, a bouncy castle, 
and much, much more.

So there you have it. Thousands of acres of beauty and fun, from bear views to mountaintop BBQs.

Another insider tip to keep you on your toes: When you’re in the gondola on the way to the Roundhouse, keep your eyes peeled for some resident black bears. Our playground is their home.