It  may not seem like the likeliest of places for some retail therapy but don’t discount Whistler’s wares. There are hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered. You just have to look.

So when those ski legs are feeling a little weary; when you need a break from the on-mountain chill; when you need to take a rest from the action, Whistler’s shops present the perfect answer. They’re also handy when you’re running out of time and you need to bring home a suitcase full of presents.

Here’s a tip. The village was meant for strolling. It was specifically designed for you to meander from one end to the other, poking your head in here and there, sauntering along. It’s not meant to be a mad dash, retail extravaganza. Experience the village the way it was meant to be done —slowly and thoughtfully. And when that’s done, look beyond. There’s more to Whistler than just the village.

If you look closely there are some unique finds waiting to be discovered, from Whistler and the surrounding Sea to Sky areas or even a little further beyond.

There’s made-in Whistler beer. Made in Whistler chocolate. Made in Whistler jewelery. Made in Whistler pottery. Made in Whistler skis. Made in Whistler vinaigrette. We could go on but we don’t want to take all the fun out of you finding it yourself.

There’s also all the latest ski gear at great prices with knowledgeable staff that know what works best. So, while a Whistler T-shirt is a must-have, a Whistler hoody almost a badge of honour, see what you can find when you look a little deeper.

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