SO YOU'VE COME TO WHISTLER to ski or snowboard, right? You’ve come to enjoy the fresh mountain air, the outdoor adventures, the spas and the world-class food.

You didn’t come to shop.

But hang on just a minute! Where’s your sense of adventure and fun? There’s a whole village, and beyond, waiting to be explored.

Whistler, always a hotbed for entrepreneurs and fresh ideas, is home to many aspiring artisans. There’s more to Whistler than skis, boards, goggles and the latest and greatest in waterproof skiwear.

Let’s use a mountain analogy. You can ski the groomed runs all day long and still have a great day. Or you can get off the beaten path and find something new, something you’ve never seen before, something you’ll always remember because it’s uniquely Whistler. Think of Whistler’s shopping experience like that too.

If you look, you can find some things here you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

There’s Whistler beer and homegrown balsamic reduction. There are big-ticket items like skis and snowboards, made right here in town.

There’s chocolate and jewellery. And the art… well, read more about the art in FAQ.

As you can also well imagine, Whistler is on the cutting-edge of all things to do with skiing and riding. Believe it or not, sometimes the best deals on this gear can be found right here. You just have to look.