Shop Neighbourhoods

Admittedly, THE VILLAGE is a little confusing. The pedestrian stroll weaves and winds its way from the mountains like a meandering stream, with village squares throughout where you can rest awhile and watch the world go by.

There are little treasures throughout the village — you just have to know where to look.

Amid the ski and snowboard shops there are art galleries and unique jewellery stores; there are high-end retailers and places that sell fun keepsakes.

Take the time to meander. Grab a treat along the way. Stop for a drink on one of the patios. There are some great people-watching spots along the way. And there are some great people to watch!

Here’s a little tip: The Upper Village may seem like it’s too far away. It’s not… and it’s worth the visit. You can go on foot or take the free shuttle. Either way, when you get there you’ll find another Whistler spot to explore from the ski shops to a few high-end luxury stores lining the inside of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.

The First Nations cultural centre is also in the Upper Village, which is always worth a visit.


CREEKSIDE: On the 50-year anniversary of Whistler Mountain, it’s worth it to take a closer look at Creekside, where it all began. This was the original ski base, the original hub of all the action for the first decade or so of Whistler’s history.

Creekside is still going strong. There’s lots of action here on a snowy winter day. You can grab your groceries and your booze and your ski rentals here. There are also some great restaurants in Creekside and a good patio or two to soak it all in.


FUNCTION: Function Junction is an ever-growing hive of activity and fun with so much to offer from the bakeries to the organic grocery store. There’s a brewery and art studios, a new funky coffee shop, a ski and snowboard factory and a trampoline facility for the kids. It’s called the industrial hub of Whistler but there’s way more to Function Junction than the concrete plant. While you can buy your light bulbs and screws here, there is so much more to Function than its simple name implies.